linear weighted squares and weighted order probit

Hello everyone!

I am currently writing a BA Thesis and trying to reproduce a methodology used by someone else on a different country.

In the original study the authors made a survey on the determinants on life satisfaction. For example, they divided their sample into age groups. Then they chose a reference group (Age 20-29) and with both weighted least squares and weighted ordered probit they how satisfaction changes in relation to that reference group.

I have attached a picture below, showing that table and all the tests they have done. I don't mean to plagiarise, the article can be found: Frey and Stutzer. Happiness, economy and institutions. The Economic Journal (2000) vol. 110 (466) pp. 918-938.

I wonder, is there a way of reproducing the test on a different data set in Stata? I have a dataset, and also installed the wls0 plugin, I am lost as to how to calculate the effects on the different group in comparison to the reference group.

I would be extremely happy for any tips or hints on literature!!!