[linux] unicode in terminal


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I rebooted my machine this morning [LINUX MINT 13 using MATE] and now the terminal is displaying square unicode instead of text.

Linux users - have you seen or heard of this before? I have trawled the 'net but keep get half finished or illegible answers.

Anyone know a fix or a link to help me solve this?

I can provide a screenshot if necessary.

One forum member suggested a re install, but surely there is another way around this...


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Thanks, Dason. Yes I will tonight.

Do I access that through : user/filesysytem....

....however,I did recently install a new theme from deviantart.

If this has caused the issue, is there a way to undo changes or restore to a previous state? mmmmmm.


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Dason, found the file, but not really sure what i am looking for. I installed inkscape and pinta and a couple of themes, but that's about it.