[LISREL] Looking for a guide to understand output and modify measurement models

Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help me as I am so close to the end of my dissertation I can taste it! Okay, so my methodologist suggested that I create a Path Analysis model to test the relationships of my data obtained by community college students who were enrolled in online courses. Here are the variables I have:

Advising Satisfaction (Ordinal, 3 points)
Online Adaptability Level (Ordinal, 3 points)

Outcome Variables:
Online Education Satisfaction (Ordinal, 3 points)
Enrollment Decision: (Nominal, 3 options: No Enroll, Enroll Online, Enroll on Campus)

Here are the relationships:
Online Education Satisfaction is predicted by Advising Satisfaction and Online Adaptability Level
Enrollment Decision is predicted by Advising Satisfaction and Online Education Satisfaction

So I can enter those into LISREL and get a pretty path diagram and then I can see the model fit indices (RMSEA, GFI, etc) in the output. But I am unsure how to determine whether or not any of the paths have any significance or how I can improve my model. Basically, I want to know how to determine when to add or remove paths (variances, covariances, etc) or other variables (I have about 14 entry variables I was trying to control Online Satisfaction for, but I don't want to enter those until I can understand how the values for the scaled scores above work). If anyone has a great reference to understand how to use LISREL in a measurement model setting and not latent, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!