Little litle help with Stata! I'm a beginner!

Hi everybody!

I'm using stata since 3 weeks ago and i'm having problems doing a project for my university!

I have to analyse political participation of immigrants in France and United Kingdom.
From european social survey I got some variables which i would like to use such as "donated money to political party" "taken part in lawful public demonstration" "signed a petition" " contacted politicians" etc.

I wanted these variables to be a scale so i could generate a new variables and compare it with immigrants and non immigrants (another variable that i created with "mother born in country" and "father born in country" so that now I have 1) native 2) one foreign parent 3) both foreign). Bur its not a scale so i guess I will have to analyse every single variables separately. Right?

Now.... to create an histogram with "yes (for example, i signed a petition)" "no(i didnt)" how can I do taking into account also the difference between native, one foreign parent and both foreign parents, WHAT CAN I DO???

Please help me!
I guess that for you experts its super easy but for me its almost impossible! :(
Thanks in advance! :)