locating stats on audio/video technologies

I am doing my ISU for grade 12 Data Management on the relationships between the sales and usages of different types of audio and video technologies such as CDs, DVDs, mp3 players and iPods, P2P file sharing networks like LimeWire, mp3 and video cellphones, etc. I am looking for stats on how often different demographics use or purchase these technologies. So far I have had little luck locating raw data on this subject and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.


TS Contributor

You may want to consider narrowing your topic, since this sounds really broad. Maybe pick one of these technologies, for starters, and see what you can dig up on Google.

Additionally, this type of info is probably collected by market research corporations who get paid big $$$ to do this kind of work, so it isn't going to be free - on the contrary, this type of raw data will be really expensive to obtain (possibly thousands of dollars).

Yeah, so far all the sites I've found that contain data on this subject make you pay big bucks for their reports. I'm considering changing my subject, but i don't really have a lot of time.