Logistic Regression (Odds Ratio)

Question: In terms of the risk reduction as conveyed by the odds ratio, one year of age corresponds to how many pounds of initial weight?

Is the question asking for a ratio between the two variables or is it just asking for a simple algebra formula?

So far I found the "Odds Ratio Estimates" which are:

Point 95% Wald
Effect Estimate Confidence Limits

bad_diet 2.831 1.212 6.612
weight 0.979 0.956 1.003
pai 0.970 0.907 1.038
age 0.934 0.892 0.976
cess 2.676 0.537 13.340

What I have done is setup a algebraic formula where:
(0.934*Age/0.979)=Weight, however it doesn't seem right.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.