logistic regression predicted values and confidence interval

Hello I have run a logistic regression with two independent variables. I have used transformed my y(sales) and my x1(population) and x2(water). I have my output in excel and i'm fine with the model. What I need help with is the equation for predicting values and for getting a range of predicted values based on inputting an x1 and x2 value. Below is my output. Let say I want to predict y(sales) for the following: x1(population) = 468900 and x2(water) = 18. What would the equation and result be? What would my confidence interval be? Thank you!!

Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95%
Intercept 3.338352646 1.378108305 2.422416753 0.019704791 0.559132377 6.117572915
LNWater 0.403565664 0.092098371 4.381897982 7.43601E-05 0.217831599 0.58929973
LNPop 0.671411289 0.103605576 6.480455152 7.30888E-08 0.462470732 0.880351847