Logistic Regression

I am going to start building a Logistic Regression model based on medical data for the purpose of classification. My problem started with "Hosmer and Lemeshow test":shakehead and its insignificant result!, what should I do to solve this issue and what procedures should follow to make a correct analysis, rise the efficiency of the model and have the best fit for my model.
Thank you.


Omega Contributor
Tell us more a out the model, sample size, proportion with outcome, number of covariate, format of covariates, HL. value etc.
the sample size is 600 cases,the number of variables or covariates are 26, the overall percentage is 50%, the value of HL test (Chi Square statistic) is zero.
Hi osamastat,

Hosmer-Lemeshow is a measure of calibration. Whilst it is important, there are other measures, such as discrimination, which which are important to describe when looking a a model. It may be that the model still has some useful application even if its calibration is not great, but it has excellent discrimination.

Can you tell us a bit more about what the model is for and how it has been developed? Are you trying to validate a model that has already been developed?