Logistic regression


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Only the last variable is statistically significant (_cons). Its basically impossible to interpret substantively slopes in logistic regression other than their sign and if they are significant. They refer to a change in the logit for a one unit change in X controlling for other predictors. Not many understand what that means :)

You need to request odds ratios.

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Hi Noesi, Arndim

The slopes and the intercept are not so intuitive like linear regression but can still be interpreted.
The screenshot is not so clear. under the assumption that mer_ng_ml is the intercept. (or just for the example)


When all the values of the predictors (Xj) are zero:
The odds of Y(1) in comparison to Y(0) is: 1.09825955

One unit increase in X1:
Will increase the odds of Y(1) in comparison to Y(0) by 9.8% (a.k.a. the odds will be multiplied by 1.09825955).