Looking for green screen experts

Calling all DP's! We are looking to talk to you! I am collaborating with a few fellow directors of photography and we are collectively writing a book on how to shoot on a Green Screen and or a White Cyc. Granted, there are a lot of how to websites, filmmaking and lighting books, although there has not been one made on the art of lighting a Green Screen and or a White Cyc and what is entailed in the prep, the shoot itself, and post. We want to reach out to you, other DP's, who have experience in lighting aand or shooting either of these. We are not looking for you to work for free at all, we are able to pay you for your advice and written tips. We are not just looking for anyone's advice though; we are looking just for those who have some experience in lighting a green screen or white cyc and that can properly produce a decent piece of written material. See the example here of something that i like a lot " Green Screen " tips that we believe to be valuable We need to get the ball rolling on this project so please contact me. We are not automated or fake in any way! We are tangible real breathing people seeking to publish this book, if you have any questions, please go ahead and call my office line at 323-851-3825 or email me direct phillipguye@*******.com I look forward to hearing back from those of you who have something they would like to share and contribute to the filmmaking community!
Thank you!