Looking for suggestions on proposed research questions

Are my questions worded succinctly? Can you think of other information that could be gathered in order to determine whether CEO involvement influences the level of employee participation when it comes to community support? Think about Corporate Social Responsibility and companies supporting United Way social welfare programs.

Research Questions – What do I want to know?
Broad view: I want to know to what extent the company CEO supports/encourages employees to participate in charitable giving. Employee actions can be to give, advocate, or volunteer. Is the CEO a champion for community actions, social responsibility, servicing agencies, and so on? Can employees tell that the climate and mission of the company embraces community activism so as to meet basic needs of those in need.
Focus: I want to know the level of awareness local CEOs have regarding the United Way St. Croix Valley. Also, what level of understanding do local CEOs have regarding United Way programming. And, of course, what do local CEOs profess as a known mission of the company or expectations or opportunities afforded employees to give to the community with company support.

My employees know where I stand in regards to supporting charitable efforts. 1 2 3 4 5

I believe the following three issues are the most issues that United Way and/or other local nonprofit agencies should address. Please choose up to three you believe to be priorities for those in need.
o Food (food shelves, school children/summer programs)
o Clothing
o Shelter (homeless)
o Education (pre-school through grade three)
o Elderly
o Teens (life skills)
o Unemployed (job skills, re-training)
o Health (nutrition, weight control)
o Young mothers (early childhood education, nutrition, self-care)
o Families in crisis
o Health care for disabled
o Building partnerships among businesses and servicing agencies

I endorse the following activities within my company (select all that apply):
o Paid time for volunteering
o Payroll deductions for charitable contributions
o Informational sessions by servicing agency representatives
o Perks for off-time volunteering

I designate a certain annual dollar amount to support various charitable organizations.

My company is known for its high level of corporate social responsibility (CSR) through giving, advocating, volunteering, or collaborating with other agencies to meet community needs. 1 2 3 4 5

I have a favorable opinion of the mission and programming of United Way St. Croix Valley.

I know that decisions on how to invest over $1,000,000 annually throughout our communities are made by the United Way St. Croix Valley’s Board of Directors.

I am aware that United Way St. Croix Valley (UWSCV) has these three major initiatives:
Food Resource Center (providing food to over a dozen pantries and two shelters)
Yes No
Shelter for All (funding for emergency housing like Grace Place)
Yes No
Success By 6 (programs that prepare children and families for success in school)
Yes No

My preferred means of communication to learn about United Way or other servicing agencies’ programming is: email, newspaper, Facebook, personal contact, United Way website, Twitter

Do you know that United Way St. Croix Valley serves Pierce and Polk Counties in addition to St. Croix County?
Yes No

Employees and managers throughout my company know how decisions are made on which non-profit organizations receive support and at what level.

I take an active role with the United Way campaign and/or encourage year-around participation.

I agree to subscribe to UWSCV’s e-newsletter and read three monthly issues to better understand local programming and opportunities for involvement.
Yes No Email address if yes:

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Business Administration/Org Leadership
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