looks like women are kicking us guys butts...


Interesting but where is the data coming from? I couldn't seem to find where it said that other than it was the opinions of the guy who wrote it. Is it census data? A poll?


Can't make spagetti
what do you guys/gals expect? it's coming from a high-profile, bush-supporting hateful piece of sh**t... rarely will you ever find a person so angry at anything that is not WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant in case anyone doesnt know the acronym)... here in education he is despised for how much work and effort he put on eliminating any trace of multicultural or any diversity-oriented social studies courses taught in american high-schools... i know that as a canadian i'm kind of removed from the problem, but any time i see someone promoting hate and discrimination under the veil of policy i wanna scream (and hit him/her really, really hard with a very big rock)...

and i think i'm gonna tiptoe around this thread because rarely does one ever sees good stuff coming from mixing politics and internet messageboards...


Phineas Packard
In almost every country in the OECD women have higher university entrance rates than men. Check out the OECD Education at a Glance report.