Lost and need desperate help-- Please.

I am so lost and scared. I have until midnight to finish my question before I take a test. In my class we use MegaStat and Excel functions. I am just not sure what to plug in to get results. I need some understanding to this-- so below is my question.
In the Big 10, a sample showed that only 267 out of 584 freshman football players graduated within 6 years.

1. at, (curled tail a symbol) =.05 does the sample contradict the claim that at least half graduate in 6 years?
2. I must state the hypothesis and decision rule.
3. calculate the p-value (don't know how) and I have to interpret it.
4. Do you think the difference is important as opposed to significant.

Please help I am taking an online class and no one is around to help not even the instructor I am sooooooooooo lost.