[M.I.M] How do i import from R dataframe


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i still learning about MIM graphical model,
and i have basic problems is import data from R data frame,

I tried to use .rds format, and then import it from MIM

MIM->ImportRData D:\MIM\paper.rds
MIM->Cont x; Label x "age"
MIM->Cont y; Label y "height"
MIM->Cont z; Label z "weight"
MIM->Cont a; Label a "blood temper"
Error: no variables specified. Reading is not possible
Error: no variables specified.

Is there mistake on my command?

I tried to install packages too, to connect R into MIM, it called "mimR"
but when I installed it, it doesnt work properly
Is that packages still availbale, or it had been removed

Can I use another format to import data into MIM, like .csv, .sav, .xls?

Please help me learning about MIM
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