Macro question


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I'm a beginner in SPSS syntax/macro and i have a question for people that know how to use these tools.

In order to save some time i would like to create some macro to be able to do some redundant test on different set of variables, using different filters etc ...
Right now i can (with a lot of difficulty) create a small macro and play with it. However, i need to first "run" the macro one time before being able to call it.

Is it possible to save the file somewhere and it's automatically associate with my SPSS when I start the software?

For people that are also a matlab user, i just want to set a path with some macro pre-save, and have them available like any other function.

If someone have any idea on how to do it, it will help me a lot (and at the same time I keep trying to understand all the different possibility of the syntax).

Thanks for you help and sorry for my terrible english.