mahalanobis distance critical values > 10 df


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dear all,

analysing my dataset (N=1056) with SPSS for my Ph.D., I'm currently testing with linear multiple regression.
before entering a stepwise or hierarchal MR, I'm investigating univeriate, blockwise and overall MR rest results for my independent variables.

because multicollinearity is likely to occur, I would like to use Mahalanobis distance to identify outliers (& casenumbers) in my sample.
testing the overall model, I have included some 31 independent variables (yeah I know, that's a lot...). to test the assumptions for Mahalanobis, I therefore need the chi-square critical value at df = 31.
standard statistical text books give these values for up to df = 10 (29.59), so I need more (higher) values. Where to find these? please advise...

thnx, hbos