Manual entry of an existing regression equation possible ? Which software? JMP ?


Do you know what (preferrably free/ free trial) software allows u to manually enter a desired regression equation? (and then calculate R-squared and other statistics based on it?) I already have the equation i wish to investigate.

Every software i've come across doesn't seem to allow plugging in an existing regression equation, but rather they always wish to calculate their best line of fit.

I have an existing equation which i wish to investigate both graphically and also show the relevant statistics. I'd prefer not to get into why that is , but just inquire whether the aforementioned is possible.

I have access to JMP. But am a novice w this software, so do not know how to perform manual entry of a ready regression equation.

Thank you in advance. :)


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Hi Englund,

Thanks for your reply.

I have R , but am very new to it. (taking a course to learn it atm)
Have any idea about the command to enter your own regression equation , instead of having R calculate one for you?
(the rest i can probably figure out)