Margins with vce(unconditional)

Hello Stats,

In Stata I'm using the following logit-command:
logit vary varx1 varx2 varx3 i.varx4 i.varx5, cluster(varx5) or

the output shows a signifikant odds ratio for the variabel varx1.

Afterwards I want to inspect varx1 further by using margins. So I use the following command:
margins, dydx(varx1) vce(unconditional)

The dy/dx value I get afte using the command is insgnifikant.

Can someone explain why the dydx value is insignifikant when the odds ratio value is signifikant? I think it has something to do with the -vce(unconditional)- command. the reason why I use the vce(unconditional) command is that I use survey data.

I hope someone can help.

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