Marketing research project - ANOVA or Chi Square test?


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently doing a marketing research project at university. It requires me to create a survey on Qualtrics and to then collect and analyze the data with SPSS. The project also absolutely requires that I use the following statistical tests:
I. Chi square test for independence
II. Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Now, I have divided the variable of "age" into three categories 20 years and below, 21-29 years, and 30 years and above. I want to determine the whether the age of a respondent has an influence on the price they are willing to pay for a certain product. Which test would you recommend for this? I was thinking Chi-square test of independence but my tutor said ANOVA would be better.



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Since variable Price is continuous (and not categorical) you should use ANOVA as long as the assumptions of ANOVA F-test are satisfied.

Also, I do not see why you had to discretize Age. To explore the relationship between the original version of Age (continuous, numeric) and Price, you can use Pearson's correlation, Spearman's rho and Kendall's tau.
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