Matched case-control: Test for baseline characteristics


I have a dataset of a matched case-control study with 12 cases. There are two matched controls for each case, totalling 36 subjects. Description of variables/observations:

tripletid: Identifying which triplet the subjects belong to. For instance, the first case and its two matched controls has tripletid=1.
outcome: identifying whether the subject is a case or a control. Cases have the value 1, controls have 0.
In addition, I have a multitude of other variables, some of which are matching variables (both ordinal and continuous), and others that are the independent variables (both ordinal and continuous).

For later analyses, I intend to use conditional logistic regression. However, my question now relates to the basic description of the data, in the first table. I want to show baseline characteristics of the cases and controls, with statistical testing for the difference between them.

Which tests are appropriate for this project with 1:2 matching? Thank you in advance.


Omega Contributor
Well what would jump out in my head would be if you are going to use conditional logistic reg, could you also use a conditional procedure (with a strata option) to also test these?