[Matlab] - im stacked about montecarlo using mathlab etc.


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i had a homework,actually im not a statician but my biometry teacher just gave us to do that and i seriously need a staticians help and i thank you for all kind of help.the questions are:
1-there is a random x variable coming from weibull(4,6) distribution so find e(X) and var(X) by using monte carlo method
a-mathematical model
c-matlab code
d-result evaluation acordign to monte carlo

2-a company A gives a price to its notebooks between 1000 and 1200 $ as an integer.the equal product is sell by company B between 900-1100 and c 1100-1300 $(all there gives a whole number-integer)
Ps-speed,Pc-cheap,Pq-quality indicators so company a's demand function is
Q=(Pc/4+Pq/2+100000/Ps) and ,,,,,,total cost=50000+100Q
find the benefit's mean and standart deviation by using montecarlo mathamatical method,algorithm and matlab code plz!!! i need at least some of themm thanks for help!!