Maximum Likelihood Estimation Stata

i have a dataset with three variables x1, x2 and x3. I want to estimate (b0...b9) from a translog relationship T(x1,x2,x3)=0 where T is:

b0 + b1 log(x1) + b2 log(x2) + b3 log(x3) + 0.5 [ b4 log(x1)^2 + b5 log(x1) log(x2) + b6 log(x1) log(x3) + b7 log(x2)^2 + b8 log(x2) log(x3) + b9 log(x3)^2 ].

The problem is that i do not have any dependent variable y because T=0. I think this can be done by a maximum likelihood estimation method in Stata but im not shure how to proceed. Suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.