Mean Squared Error explained in a visual manner (method case)

Dear all. I would like to share with you the video I have develop in which people can understand the concepts of Bias and Efficiency of an estimator from a total practical point of view and using a simulated case (method case). If you want understand this concepts, above all for people who don't have or don't need high level of mathematics or statistics, this is your video. Regards.

Bias and efficiency Cover Page V03.png


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@Francisco Sáez - thank you for sharing. I skimmed the video and I can see where you are coming from. A little feedback, I don't think all of the secondary sound effects are necessary (e.g., literal bells and whistles) - I found them to be distracting.

I was also a little distracted by your Eternal Golden Braid avatar at first - It kind of looked like a ran over omega person :)