Median Fold Change and Interquartile Range. 2 non-normal non-paired groups.

I have a query concerning data presentation using biological data.

I would like to present the median fold change between a control and test group. So i have 8 values in each group - i would like to present:
a) The median fold change (for this i will take the median of each group and then determine the ratio by dividing them). Giving me a single value e.g '2'. I assume this is correct?
b) The 25percentile and 75percentile regarding this fold change of 2. Effectively, i need to show an error bar on the value that illustrates the range, in this case the 25% and 75% range.

Is it possible to determine this? I've noticed several papers in which this is reported, however their methods are not detailed.

I use excel and graphpad prism.

Any advice most appreciated.