Methods for analysis of set of independent variables on dependent variable

Hey all,

I am conducting research on the determinants of female entrepreneurship with data collected by GEM. I have chosen ten variables and I'm currently trying to decide what methods to use to investigate their influence on whether or not females decide to become entrepreneurs or not.
The independent variables are:
  • age
  • work status
  • income
  • skills
  • perception of opportunities
  • perceived status and respect for entrepreneurs in the whole society
  • fear of failure
  • reasons and motivations to become an entrepreneur
  • skills required to start a business
  • education
  • network (whether they know someone who started a business)
So now I am wondering whether the smartest option would be to just do a logistics regression for each of the independent variables or whether it would be better to pick different methods of analysis and if yes, which ones. I was thinking that for example for perception of opportunities, it would be interesting to see what possible moderating effect fear of failure could have on the influence of perceived opportunities on entrepreneurship.

Anyways, I would be glad if you guys could help me out here and suggest what methods would be the most appropriate for a scientific research paper.

Thanks a lot!
GEM = ?
What is your sample size and the proportion that become entrepreneurs?
GEM is the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, they carry out an annual data collection on entrepreneurship worldwide.

The sample size is 1,500 half of which are females. As I'm interested in female entrpreneurship, I'm mostly looking at that, so that sample size is 750. The proportion that are entrepreneurs is 11.7%