Methods for visualizing the association between a dichotomous vs. categorical

Type of dependent variable (y variable) vs. type of independent variable (x variable)
The question: for the association between a dichotomous vs categorical --> 1) how do we visualize the association? 2) how do we test for an association?, 3) how do we quantify the association?
I know for a continuous vs. categorical the answer for 1) box plot, 2) ANOVA , 3) simple linear regression. but I'm not sure what the answer would be for a dichotomous vs categorical.
Your help is much appreciated!!


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Assuming you have a continuous variable and a dichotomous variable (either 1 or 0), a (i) One-Way ANOVA, (ii) Simple linear regression, (iii) two-independent samples t-test, or a (iv) Pearson correlation analyses will all yield the same result (i.e., p-value). This is what is referred to as a Point-Biserial Correlation.