Minitab and time series

Hi, I am looking for a book to help me study time series theory and analysis with Minitab.

I have looked at Time Series Analysis, by Jonathan D. Cryer, 1986.

This is a good theory book but the Minitab version is too old. He does have a more recent book but it uses R instead of minitab.

Can anyone suggest a suitable book, preferably aimed for those without prior time series exposure, but detailed enough to cover ARIMA with some derivations and proofs. Definetly not a text only suited to graduate level.

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Think I have found one

Think I have found one

Forecasting, Time Series, and Regression, 4th Edition
Bruce L. Bowerman | Richard O'Connell | Anne Koehler
ISBN-10: 0534409776 | ISBN-13: 9780534409777

Hi peter
i hope that you be fine
i looked for book that describes time series analysis in minitab or spss too. but i cant find it. how can i download the book that you introduced?

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smaeel dodangeh