Minitab one-way Anova covariates

Hello everyone, I recently started using the program Minitab, my goal is to make a one-way anova with covariates. I have to analyze the data for a basin in a day related to water level, flow rate and temperature of the reservoir. The problem is that I do not understand what are the covariates. I click STAT / ANOVA / GENERAL LINEAR MODEL and then covariates do not know what to insert between flow, water level, temperature and time. Will you help me?


TS Contributor
A covariate is one way to handle noise during your experiment. If the factor is not directly controlled during the experiment, but is allowed to vary as it will, you can record the value of this factor during each experiemntal run, then enter it into the model as a covariate.

Another way to look at it is all factors that you actively varied in the experiment belong in the model as factors. All factors that you allowed to vary as they will are covariates.

A question: The wording that you used implies that all of the data may have been from passive observation and not deliberately modified by you. If that is true, then ANOVA is not the correct tool to use. Regression analysis is commonly used for data that has been passively collected.