Minitab-Response Surface Design & Repeats

I'm using Minitab 15,

I have created a design and now want to enter the response data that has been collected. For each treatment I have over 100 values for the ONE response I am measuring. I see these as repeats, hope I'm right.
So, I have 70 treatments, each with 100 measures of the response.

                  Factor1      Factor2      Reponse(Run1)  Response(Run2)
Treatment1           34          56               6               7
Treatment2           45          67               8               4
Treatment70          24          45               4               5
My problem is getting them into the model. I can paste them into the worksheet but don't understand how to get it to take them as multiple measure of the same response variable. It keeps taking them as multiple different reponse variables.

Hope someone can offer me some advice.