Mintab Graph/Regression question

It seems there would be a simple answer to this question but I'm there a way to have Minitab place the R-squared or correlation coefficient on scatterplot graph? I'm graphing using the pull down menu: Graph/Scatterplot/With Regression. This will graph the regression line but no coefficient. Any ideas?



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The only thing I could find was the option to add a footnote to the graph. When you run the regression procedure, R^2 will be one of the outputs - just add a footer to the graph that says "R-square = .467" or something to that effect. You can then move the footnote to wherever you want it.
transfering Excel charts to Microsoft word

Dear list,
How can I copy/cut and paste some Excel charts onto a word file?
When I right click on the Excel charts, unlike SPSS charts, there is not cut or copy function.
I appreciate any help.


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There should be a cut or copy option when you right-click on an Excel chart. I use this function all the time.

You can also just select the chart, then press CTRL-c for "copy."


The first you must click on line of rectangular, invironment of chart
Then right click and copy will be appear .
Thanks for your comments.
when I righ click on the chart the options that I get are:
Format plot area...
chart type...
source data...
chart options...
3-D viwe....(not active)
chart window(not active either)
Do you think my Excel version has a bug?


you have to try click on line of rectangular, invironment of chart
Then right click and copy will be appear


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Software for a simple stat calc

I am trying to do simple groupings of data and calculate the means for each. Fo instance, I have 4000 observ, want to analyze cholesterol levels by age group. I would like the program to group the data into relevant age groups, and calculate the means for each. If possible, a program which removes outliers would be helpful.

I dont want tp pay for a mega stat program, since this is about the extent of what i need. Possible if the program did this graphically it could also be ok-

Any suggestions for an inexpensive way to do this. Observations in the range of 5000-6000. Many thanks


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Excel has a "Pivot Table" feature that should be able to handle the grouping, along with a little bit of the "=IF" function to create the grouping variables.

Excel could also plot the data by group so that you could at least identify the outliers, and then remove them yourself.