Missing Results in Ordinal Regression

Hi All

I am conducting a series of ordinal regression analyses using SPSS Version 25 as I have done many times in the past. I am coming up with an error every time with the same variable and I can't work out what the problem is. If anyone could offer some advice that would be very much appreciated!

I have ran several ordinal logistic regressions with proportional odds with the same independent variables and different dependent variables. All assumptions have been met and there has been no issues when running these... except... in the results there is one variable that doesn't show up properly. This is the case for all regressions I've run with this same problem variable (which is a five point likert scale from very supportive to very unsupportive indicating how supportive people perceive their partners to be). For every regression results table this variable shows up with nothing but a dot (.) in the significance and 95% CI columns and the value 1.000 in the OR column (Exp_B).

This variable is coded as ordinal and is no different to the other variables in the regression models. I have created a new variable in case there is some error and inputted the same values and it still happens. I wondered if it is because the number of participants selecting some of the variable's categories are quite small. I can't work out what the problem is and why this variable won't produce results.

Any guidance would be fantastic!

Thanks so much


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I work in SAS not SPSS. Have you looked at the SPSS documentation to see why this error occurs? It sounds like it is not seeing any data.