missing values for repeated measures ANOVA

Is it okay to do repeated measures ANOVA if I have missing values (using STATA 11.2)?

Here's my study design: 2 groups (control and treatment). Control group gets measured at 2 timepoints, treatment group has 3 timepoints (different n at each time point). For example treatment group has n=9 at baseline, n=13 at day 1, n=11 at day 5. Dependent variables are continuous.

Is a repeated measures ANOVA an acceptable test for this design?

Also, another issue is I want to get exact p-values for Tukey post-test for pair-wise comparisons. STATA just gives significant at p<0.05. Any way to do this (possibly using some other software)?
thanks very much!!


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How do you have a higher n at day 1 and day 5 than at baseline? Are you measuring different people or did you just not get baseline measurements for some people?