mixed anova

dear statisticians, good afternoon,

i have difficulty understanding the analyses of a psychology paper. the authors want to examine wether children describe different emotion regulation strategies for situations they perceive to evoke different emotions. the authors run a mixed anova "with gender as a between-subjects factor and emotion (sadness, anger) and emotion regulation strategy (goal reinstatement, goal substitution, ...) as nested repeated measures." thus they want "to compare the frequency with which children reported each type of regulation strategy (reflected by a main effect of strategy) and to examine whether the strategies reported varied by whether the child identified the situation as evoking sadness or anger (reflected by an interaction effect between emotion and strategy)." in their preliminary analyses they also state that there were no significant gender differences in any of their analyses, "but gender is inclued as a between-participants factor in the results". i just cannot make sense of all of that. to me it seems in this design emotion and emotion regulation strategy are dependent variables. can anyone help?

thanks a lot, kind regards and flowers,