Mixed methods ANCOVA


I wondered if anyone could help me out. I am trying to conduct an ANCOVA for my masters project and am confused on how to enter the data. So I have 2 IVS; group (treatment or control) and time point (T1 and T2). I have a covariate (which a bed use at T0) and my DV is bed use - looking at it at T1 and T2.

I have entered the data on SPSS by having column one as group and coding 0 and 1 (for treatment then control) then 3 other columns (T0 - the covariate, T1 and T2) and obviously having the bed use for the treatment group in the first half of data in column followed by the control data.

When i try and conduct the ANCOVA it asks for the DV and I get confused...technically I want to put T1 and T2 in there but there is only space for one.Is the correct solution conducting a mulitvariate analysis as opposed to univariate analysis? or would this be incorrect as i don't technically have 2 dvs... just one measured at two timepoints (2 levels of one IV). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!