Mixed model in clnical trials using SPSS

Design: 3-arm Randomized controlled trials

Group: Treatment 1, Treatment 2, and control

Assessment time point: Baseline, End-point, follow-up

Measurement: Questionnaire score

Objective: 1. To compare the efficacy between the three groups at End-point and follow-up.

2. To see if there are any group, time, and time-group interaction effects.

I have put Time (Baseline, End-point, follow-up) as a repeated measure; Treatment Groups (Treatment 1, Treatment 2, and control) as a fixed factor; and Questionnaire score at each time point as the DV.

My questions:
I have converted my data to long data format. Running Mixed model -> linear

The SPSS only give me a general comparison between the 3-groups with a repeated measure of 3-level (baseline, End-point, and Follow-up). If I want to look at the comparison at a specific time point (i.e. between group comparison at End-point and Follow-up saparately). What should I do?:confused:

I hope someone can give me a hand.

Thank you very much~