Mixed model, repeated measures ANOVA, SPSS

Hi everyone :),

I have a data set that consists of 16 participants, running an experiment twice each, using different stimulus sets each time. I have 2 dependent variables: scorecorrect and scoreincorrect. I have 3 within subject independents all with 2 levels each: drugtype (alcohol or placebo) , order of trials and set. I also have one between-subject variable of gender. However, my experiment was counterbalanced so that participants did things in different orders, and so I am unsure of what to include in my SPSS file and how to set it out. I am mostly confused by how to get my data in correctly in order to run two separate repeated measures ANOVAs for the 2 dependent variables. (unless I should be doing a MANOVA?)

Sorry if this is all very confusing! I am pretty much lost with it all and in desperate need of help... :shakehead
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