MS v. PhD in stats

Hi, I'm looking to apply to a grad school for a stats degree. I want to get into the actuarial profession and have passed the P exam, but also want to open up more career opportunities in case that doesn't work out. I've heard that most statisticians have PhD.'s, though it seems more grad schools also have MS degrees for stats. I'm just wondering if it's likely to get into the profession with just a MS or does it take a PhD? What fields do people with MS/PhD. usually get into?
I think you can find a stats job anywhere, starting from Google to Government jobs or IMF or any other sphere. I read an article somewhere where they said that a stats major with PHD will be in high demand in the coming years.
I thought that stats was a very job friendly degree from people I know even with just your undergrad degree(at least in New Zealand) you can get a pretty stable career.

but I don't know myself :( might have to get a Phd


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Its possible to get a job with just an MS, but it is definitely more difficult than if you have phd. The cool thing about a stats degree is that you can always just lay out your shingle, and get consulting work. I dont think that can be done as easily with a pure science degree. :yup: