MSc student with two weeks to spare


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Hey everyone,

I've finished all my classwork this semester and have decided to dedicate the next two weeks to learning about the stats I might use on my MSc project, learning R, and managing data in excel. I'm doing my MSc in biology and will hopefully have some fun data next to to play with, and I'd like to get an idea of how to deal with it now.

I'm debating buying The R Book, how to be a quantitative biologist, or Analyzing ecological data by Zuur.

I've been on this forum before and received some awesome help, but I wasn't able to take the time I needed to mount the curve so hopefully this will help! My first step is to organize an excel file that was put together by someone who doesn't analyze data so all the species counts are in separate columns instead of one. Here goes nothing.




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Good luck. Let us know if you have general or specific questions. Playing around with data is a very important piece of learning stats!