Multiple group stats - Protein Work - Anova or T-test

Hi Everyone, I have a question that I'm stuck on. I think I know the correct way to do it but from what I see when I visually graph I don't believe that my statistical approach is the best.

I'm looking at protein from a western blot.

For Protein 1, I have 6 different treatments (4S, 4L, 4H, 8S, 8L, 8H) 4S is my control. Each treatment is a different group of subjects undergoing a different protocol.

Here is my Means, STDev, SEM, Anova Table, which shows no sign P value

Here is a figure when I graph the data with Means + SEM

Now here is my Student T Table.

My question is I believe that using an ANOVA is the appropriate way to detect differences across group. Especially to see if there is a difference across treatments. Should I and could I use a T-test even though my ANOVA P value is not significant. I always thought a T-Test was used for comparing only two groups.