Multiple imputation

I am doing a research about Aids in my city in Yemen. Unfortunately I have many missing data . So I used SPSS multiple imputation. I am not sure whether which I had done is proper. Please can any one review my results
Thank you for your quick response. The study was descriptive. the number of registered patients with Aids was 305. There are a lot of missing data (categorical and continuous). I used SPSS program 20. At first I tried to test the type of data and I found as follows
EM Meansa
years Age testdate
2002.48 31.05 11.10.02
a Little's MCAR test: Chi-Square = 4.797, DF = 2, Sig. = .091
Then I made five imputation with polling. I used descriptive statistics, Ch square and t. test to compare between males and females. I got pooled data in descriptive statistics and Chi square, t.test or Kruskal. In my results I got some off them significant and some were no. Should I continue in this way or there is some thing still missing me. I hope to get some advice from you