Multiple independent variables and common end point


I have data like this. List of cases with one final end point (death).
I have multiple independent variables that affect this end point, including diet (veg, non-veg), smoking (yes/no), alcohol (no, little, massive), etc. I need to find if any of those factors have some correlations. For eg, when smoking (yes), alcohol (massive) and diet (non-veg) are there, it is associated with more death.

I have around 10 variables like this, all nominal, few ordinal.
To clear, I dont have any normal people (that is, those without end point)

i have data in excel sheet.. all patients died due to a particular disease...
u can see variables like education, income, occupation, alcohol or smoking history, etc (like that around 10 variables)
all the variables are marked as nominal (eg, religion 0 -hindu 1- muslim 3 - christian 4 -others) or ordinal scale (for eg, alcohol as 0 - no, 1 - casual, 2 - heavy), etc..

I just wanted to see, if any of these variables are associated with each other (and related to the final event, ie death due to the disease).. like for eg, persons with more alcohol use, smoking and belonging to this religion is associated with more events than other combinations..