multiple IVs or multiple levels?


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I’m having trouble deciding if experiment has 4 levels or 3 IVs and 2 levels. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also need help deciding what statistical analysis to use on SPSS

so in my exp I used the same group of ppts who all watched a slide show. This slide show was testing for change blindness, more specifically the changes that were apparent related to the 3 different types of change (within-category, congruent and incongruent change) and one control-where no change was made. The ppts had to flag when the noted a change.

Are my 3 types of change 3 IVs? And my control the second level to my exp?

Or does each change type correlate to it’s on IV ?

I’m more swayed toward 1 IV And 4 level (including my control). But I can see how and why each change type would be it’s own IV

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated

Many thanks