Multiple Measures (Different Variables) from Same Subjects

Hi all!

This is my first post. I hope someone can offer advice!

I have a student with a seemingly simple analytical problem but I cannot figure it out. She has one group of subjects from whom she has taken a measure on eight (8) different quantitative scales. The scales are related, in that they can be compared, but it is not a "classic" repeated measures situation, as each measure is a different variable, not multiple measures of the same variable.

She wants to compare the means on all possible pairs of the eight (8) variables, and has performed the 36 t-tests required.

This doesn't seem right!!

I have considered treating each variable as "repeated," but there is no independent variable; there are just the eight (8) means. Also, I have considered treating the scales as groups of an independent variable, but the groups would not be independent.

What's the solution? Does she do the multiple t-tests and apply some type of correction for familywise Alpha?

Any ideas appreciated. Probably something simple that I am missing!