Multiple Meta-Regression in Stata Help

I'm new to meta-analysis and to Stata.

I understand how to use the user interface to insert multiple covariates into a meta-regression. However, I am not sure how to interpret the output and to make sure that the software has controlled for multiplicity and covariate correlation - so that I can more confidently identify which covariates might significantly explain some of the heterogeneity, and to what extent.
I have read in Harbord & Higgins's 2008 Meta-regression in Stata that different things after the metareg command can be used, such as permute, to help with this. However, being new to Stata, I am unsure how to use commands and syntax well to achieve this.

Can anyone help me find a video or written guide to perform multiple meta-regression, follow-up, and interpretation manually in Stata (or how to do it in the meta-analysis user interface, if I am missing something).

Many many thanks for an advice!