Multiple regression analysis - SPSS


I would like to carry out a multiple regression analysis. The dependent variable is numeric whereas the independent variables are categorical. My idea is therefore to recode the independent variables by using dummy variables (0,1). However, I have heard that I don't need to do the re-coding since SPSS can do it automatically. Does anybody know if this is true? (I've got version 15.0)

Thanks in advance.


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I am sorry, I don't think SPSS 15 can do dummy coding automatically. I believe you have to do it the long way...of course I could be mistaken. But there is a programme that you can buy for less than 200 U.S called Zumstat which comes with add-ons for SPSS that are helpful. You can plot interaction terms, and so on in Excel with this programme. You can also dummy-code variables automatically with one click of the button (yes you can). Go to, and get it