Multiple regression analysis

Hello All,

Please help me with my multiple regression analysis result. My questionnaire consisted of 7 independent variables using 7 point likertscale(4 items each) and 1 dependent variable(7 point likertscale, 4 items). The sample size is 50. I have 7 hypotheses to be tested which states there is a significant relationship between each independent variable and dependent variable. Also, need a prediction regression model. So, I did multiple regression using SPSS. I selected stepwise regression in spss and performed analysis. Based on that I got these results. According to the analysis, only two factors are shown significant with the dependent variable, removing all other variables. And R square is also 0.590 only.

Model Sum of Squares df Mean Square F Sig.
Regression 18.663 2 9.331 35.261 .000b
Residual 12.967 49 .265
Total 31.630 51

Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig. Collinearity Statistics
B Std.Error Beta Tolerance VIF
(Constant) .900 .577 1.559 .125
RA .605 .087 .639 6.971 .000 .997 1.003
TR .256 .060 .393 4.287 .000 .997 1.003

Can anyone please tell me whether this analysis result is good or not? Can i draw prediction model from this analysis result, and neglect all other five variables as done by spss as there p value is not so significant as compared to above two variables. I am a beginner in this data analysis, your help will mean a lot to me.