Multiple Regression


I'm completing my independant study on the exploration of family structure and health behaviours. After coding my data I have my independent variable being family structure which has three levels (single parent family, parent and partner and two parents). The health behaviours have been put into spss using a 16 answers from a questionnaire (DV 16 levels), either being yes or no. So I wanted to see if those from two parent families were healthier than those in the other groups. I origionally picked a multiple regression and the results did not seem relivant at all so I tried a one way between groups ANOVA, this showed significant differences between the three groups and each behaviour.

I am now unsure which is the most appropriate test to use. I am unable to see my supervisor until next week and I wanted to try and sorted it sooner. I'd be really greatful if anyone could give there input on this.

Many thanks