Multivariate analyis and MANOVA


I couldn't find an appropriate section to post this in so planting it here in the general discussion forum.

Currently doing a project and now need to make sense of this bunch of data that I have. Statistical maths is something I haven't touched since A Levels, so help from you guys would be much appreciated.

First of all, multivariate analysis and MANOVA (atleast I know what this stands for hah!), are they separate data analysis techniques? The 'of variance' is making me think they are indeed separate.

Now for the main bit:

So I have 4 independent variables (IVs) and 4 dependent variables (DVs). All 4 DVs are continuous. The 4 IVs are also continuous in nature, but let me explain:

Using one of the IVs as an example: Temperature.
Temperature is continuous in nature (duh), but I am only investigating the effects of temperature at 2 specific points, 33 and 37 degrees.
This is the case with all my IVs, all have numerical values but only investigating at either 2 or 3 specific points.

My outputs (the 4 DVs) are continuous and as such will have a whole range of results.

All 4 IVs affect all 4 DVs.

Given all the above, which multivariate analysis techniques should I be using for most efficiency? The whole point of my project is to generate cause-and-effect correlations.