Naming items in STATISTICA Workbook

Hi guys.

I produce descriptive statistics spreadsheet in STATISTICA.
I output it in a workbook but have no idea on how to change its name from default.
Specificly these are a within group descriptive statistics spreadsheets so new names are just grouping variable values. I've tried setting its Item's name property with no change (the same default name):
Set S1=newanalysis.Dialog.Summary.Item(1)

Has anybody known what was the problem ?


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By definition, the [Spreadsheet].Name is a property that returns a spreadsheet name; it does not set or change the name.

Renaming a spreadsheet within a workbook is tricky and takes more than a line of code. However, you can rename the spreadsheet itself by saving it as a separate file using the [Spreadsheet].SaveAs function.

For example:
S1.SaveAs("C:\Multiple.sta", True)
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