Need a Software Recommendation for Time Series Analysis and Oracle Database


I am an entry-level professional with a degree in Mathematics. My new position is in the transportation logistics field, and I am the "math" expert in my office. I am FAR from an expert and the majority of my data analysis and modeling experience was using excel.

I have been asked to do a time-series analysis on our data. It is a VERY large data set containing millions of records. I am looking for recommendations on software to use to perform my analysis. I tried R, but I have not been able to get a working connection to the oracle database and had difficulties finding any online help for it :(. I did come across many posts that indicate R and Oracle are not a great combination.

Thanks for your help and ideas!


R can handle this data set but you'll probably want to invest in an R sql interface and the data.table package. Possible sql packages include:

I don't know what Oracle is but can you tell us what it does and is this a necessity in your workflow?
Oracle is the relational database that our company currently uses. I used the RODBC package, and I had some issues getting everything set up correctly(now resolved), I found I had to reinstall ODBC drivers for Oracle as well. It doesn't appear that I need an additional sql package yet, but I will keep that in mind should/when I run into more issues.


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